The Theme of this year's event is: Support: Coast to Coast

Presenting Sponsors

Co-Presenting Sponsor AMEC/TEAC
Co-Presenting Sponsor NTA/AFN

Presenter Pricing Information

As always, the success of events like these are dependant upon support of sponsors, exhibitors, and presenters. Every effort has been made to make this event rewarding and worthwhile for Sponsors, Exhibitors, Presenters and Attendees, especially in this trying time for our industry.
  • Presenter Role $100

    The video presentation format is a total of 30 minutes. This will provide the host/presenter the opportunity to:
    - Introduce themselves & the Topic (perhaps 5 minutes)
    - Present the material (perhaps 15-20 minutes)
    - Conclude with a time for Q&A (5-10 minutes)

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