8 Tips for Webcasting at Home

We’ve all been in one too many virtual meetings with tech issues, distracting background noise, and long delays. Some can’t be avoided, most can. Here are some tips we put together for you to get ready for webcasting from home!


Position the camera just above eye level – framing your face, neck and shoulders

Wipe your camera lens with a soft cloth for image clarity

Consider upgrading your equipment to elevate audience experience


The dominant light source should be in front of the subject as backlight will darken the frame. If you’re without equipment, finding the natural light in your space is invaluable. Consider purchasing a ring light for a softer effect but avoid lighting directly at your face or behind you.


Tidy up the background of your frame or find a blank wall in your space to conduct your virtual event. Having an unorganized or busy background will distract your viewers.


Ensure that your setup is in a quiet place, free from ambient audio distractions. Beloved pets, kids, or fans should all be removed from the space. A computer microphone and speakers are sufficient but a headset microphone and earpiece will deliver high-quality audio with less risk of distractions from the background.

*Avoid the use of bluetooth headsets in case the battery depletes and you lose connection. 

Internet Speed

Whenever possible, use a wired, ethernet connection. If using a wireless connection, ensure that you have sufficient upload and download speeds. A speed test prior to casting is highly recommended, you can do this at www.speedtest.net. Speeds of a minimum of 3mbps upload and download are recommended.

*Try to find a comfortable place nearest to your internet router, the sweet spot is between 5 to 8 feet. If available, connect to your router’s 5G network.


For the best results, consider wearing something that will create contrast with your background. If your background colour is neutral, try something bright or patterned. With a more colourful background, it is recommended to wear a more subtle colour or design. Overall, avoid wearing small, detailed patterns as they do not translate well through the camera.

Before the Show

It is strongly recommended to test all your tech in the same space you intend to use for the show. Practice a “Closed Door Policy” and reiterate to your family/colleagues/pets etc. of your time commitments as to not interrupt your session. Consider wearing contacts in lieu of glasses so that the audience does not catch a reflection of your screen.

  • Laptop is fully charged/plugged in
  • Hard copy of notes
  • Reboot laptop 2hrs prior and ensure all updates have been installed
  • Position the camera 2-3ft away and frame your face, neck and shoulders
  • Clean your camera lens with a soft cloth
  • Close all programs except for what is required for the event
  • Disconnect all devices not required for the event from the internet to ensure the greatest signal strength

During the Show

  • Don’t forget! You will need to unmute yourself when it is your turn to speak and mute your microphone when you’re not!
  • Be animated – just like in person meetings. Don’t be afraid to use your hands and facial expressions.
  • Remember to plug in your mobile phone, turn on silent and placed facing up in case you need to be contacted by support.
  • Stay hydrated. Have a glass of water close by in case your mouth becomes dry or you need to clear your throat.
  • Most importantly, enjoy yourself! Audience members will mirror your energy levels and be more engaged if you show your passion for the topic. Let us handle the minutia so that you can focus on presenting for your event!

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