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Most planning professionals are familiar with tools that help keep their event’s content organized and concise. For example, a Run of Show provides a minute-by-minute detailed breakdown of an event flow, and like most processes, there are best practices to follow in creating your virtual run of show.
Over the past two years, the Events Industry has evolved to new heights with its pivot towards virtual and hybrid events. This further progression has resulted in exciting relationships between industry leaders, such as GetQuorum and Ineventors.
Since 1978, MPI Toronto has been committed to the success of its members by connecting the Toronto meeting and event community to learn, innovate, collaborate, and advocate in raising the profile of meeting professionals while fostering a community grounded in the principles of diversity, equity, and inclusion.
The purpose of a virtual AGM is to give your company’s stakeholders an opportunity to participate in the annual general meeting. This includes not only those who are unable to attend but also those that want more control over what happens within their investment period. There are different ways you can run your virtual AGM, but here are the 7 steps we recommend in hosting a successful virtual AGM:
Any industry professional understands the importance of implementing effective marketing strategies to promote their upcoming event, particularly in our digital age’s vast, fast-paced, seemingly infinite environment. However, it’s also essential to weave your virtual event marketing tactics throughout the stages of your production.
While the planners may have seen the expansion of virtual events as a short-term solution to the COVID-19 pandemic, virtual and hybrid affairs have significantly impacted the event industry. In particular, there are advantages to hosting a virtual conference, cementing this model as a permanent option to event professionals.

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