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Any industry professional understands the importance of implementing effective marketing strategies to promote their upcoming event, particularly in our digital age’s vast, fast-paced, seemingly infinite environment. However, it’s also essential to weave your virtual event marketing tactics throughout the stages of your production.
The explosion of online engagement has inspired businesses to find ways to stand out among the infinite amount of virtual events; a custom URL is one method of capturing and maintaining the attention of your attendees. But as a planning professional, you may be asking yourself what the benefits are and why custom URLs are important.
The virtual sphere is evolving the face of the events industry, which can add a dynamic twist to your production. Whether you are collaborating with an AV company or utilizing a virtual venue, the benefits of incorporating virtual elements into your next event or conference will lend a competitive edge. 
When the COVID pandemic struck the events world, technical innovation allowed professionals to pivot toward virtual forms of events such as webinars and live streams. While online platforms and applications offered a viable answer to a global issue, virtual events provide more than just a temporary solution; their benefits have earned them a permanent spot within the rapidly transforming industry.
We’d first like to take this time and sincerely thank you for your support this year. We developed the Ineventors Platform to cultivate a space where we all could interact with each other, engage in conversation…
We’ve all been in one too many web meetings with tech issues, distracting background noise, and long delays. Some can’t be avoided, most can. Here are some tips we put together for you to get ready for webcasting from home!

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