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A Unique, Refined, and Luxurious Offering by Ineventors


The explosion of online engagement has inspired businesses to find ways to stand out among the infinite amount of virtual events; a custom URL is one method of capturing and maintaining the attention of your attendees. But as a planning professional, you may be asking yourself what the benefits are and why custom URLs are important.

When it comes to your marketing initiatives, a custom or vanity URL offers the opportunity to create cohesion while promoting your virtual event via such channels as social media and email blasts. Ineventors is now offering custom URLs, which allows clients a complete, white-label experience. Ineventors founder and VP of Sales Chris Cooper states, “It is a real nice touch for higher-end agencies and planners who want to give a luxury (and) exclusive feel to the virtual event experience.”

Adding a custom URL to your event webpage will provide a unique feel to your event while encouraging brand awareness. A dynamic link is also a great way to engage your attendees in a personalized way, beginning from the moment they register. Cooper explains, “(It’s) a completely professional approach that gives your event site the feel of its own standalone event. (The service) works in tandem with Ineventors’ commitment to creating unique event spaces for our clients.”

Ineventors understand that sometimes, uncertainty can occur among less tech-savvy uses; with a vanity URL, there is no confusion as to whether attendees are on the correct web page. Custom links are also easier to remember, which is great for attendees who want to keep your event at the forefront of their minds. In addition to being memorable, custom URLs are also more descriptive and succinct and encourage a direct call to action. This is particularly important when promoting your virtual event across various marketing channels, as a custom URL provides a more distinct look.

Ineventors is committed to providing excellent customer service, and Cooper views this additional service as a way to elevate the client experience. “This new offering works in tandem with Ineventors’ commitment to creating unique event spaces for our clients. Ineventors takes care of all of the back-end setups. You can purchase your own domain or add the platform as an extension to an existing domain name.”

As a professional planner, you will want to provide your clients with an immersive experience, and a custom URL from Ineventors will help you achieve your production goals.

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