Dynamic and Dual-Purpose; Raise ROI with Virtual Components

The virtual sphere is evolving the face of the events industry, which can add a dynamic twist to your production. Whether you are collaborating with an AV company or utilizing a virtual venue, the benefits of incorporating virtual elements into your next event or conference will lend a competitive edge.

In addition to enriching the attendee experience, you can increase your audience and overall ROI for all stakeholders by adding a virtual component to your in-person or hybrid event. In particular, hybrid models offer advantages that will appeal to your exhibitors, sponsors and investors.

Multiple branding opportunities

Virtual and hybrid events allow for branding via multiple avenues that go beyond traditional in-person events. In particular, they allow for more promotion of sponsors and key presenters, essential to your production.

This digital transition had increased the number of available promotional channels and amplified the reach. “Many virtual event providers also feature high-profile speakers in video snippets that they share far and wide through social media.”

Your network will appreciate the additional opportunities to endorse their products or messaging to your attendees; supplementary forms of branding are a notable advantage of virtual and hybrid events.

Valuable Attendee Insights

With traditional in-person events, understanding attendee behavior and preferences resulted in approximations, compounded by tedious follow-ups. While onsite events incorporated data collection methods, the statistics were often inconsistent and largely dependent upon whether an attendee was willing to participate in a post-event survey.

With virtual and hybrid events, attendee tracking is instantaneous, and these helpful acumens are essential when demonstrating ROI to your investors. With many platforms, data tracking is fully customizable, allowing you to determine which insights are most important to your stakeholders.

Statistics have never been easier to accumulate than in this digital age. When it comes to illustrating actionable behaviors, virtual components will provide the most comprehensive and accurate data.

Immediate Leads

When promoting a product or service, capturing sales leads is a crucial aspect in measuring the success of your event. One of the disadvantages of in-person events-particularly with trade shows-is that it can take weeks to retrieve important sales leads, resulting in missed opportunities.

One of the key benefits of virtual platforms and venues is that data collection is built directly into the event software. Based on the scope of your production, you can then customize this feature in a way that creates a sales lead immediately.

For example, you can track who has visited a vendor booth and conversations that sparked interest in a particular item. And as guests register for your event or consumer show, you can automatically note their contact information.

Providing real-time sales leads and resourceful data will ultimately deliver value to your vendors. When exhibitors can effortlessly secure more sales, they will be more apt to support your production.

All-In-One Virtual Solutions

By investing in a comprehensive, virtual venue, you can include critical features essential in measuring your event’s success. In particular, virtual components such as immediate data collection, branding opportunities, and attendee insights are of exceptional importance to raising ROI for your event sponsors.

Ineventors has developed an inclusive and fully customizable virtual platform that offers benefits to your sponsors and exhibitors. In addition to increased attendee engagement, Inventors can provide your investors with branded banners, sponsored VIP areas, and networking tables that will lend to a higher return on investment.

If you want to learn how to increase ROI for your stakeholders, contact us today to schedule a demo. Elevate your next virtual or hybrid event by incorporating value-added digital components.

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