Frequently Asked Questions

Can we have live video chat interactions with presenters/exhibitors/delegates?

Ineventors does allow for the integration of Zoom meetings and video chat between members and exhibitors.

Can we use our own registration? Pull from/port to CRM? 

We can upload your 3rd party registration into the platform via an excel document, this will allow you to populate your CRM with leads generated from the registration process.

Can we port our own social networking application into the platform?

At this time, the social networking function that we offer is the only one available. However, we can bring in things like Twitter walls, polling, etc.

Is your platform accessible IE closed captions/ASL?

Our platform can bring in ASL (as PIP) and closed captioning to ensure that the content is accessible to all your members!

Does your platform support simultaneous translation?

Simultaneous interpretation/translation is available as an option on the platform for live and pre-recorded sessions. We can also ensure that any assets (IE PowerPoint slides) are available in multiple languages.

Can we process payment for registrations through the site?

If we are providing you with the registration service, we can indeed embed a payment processing function through the site (Stripe).

Does your streaming platform support live polling, Q&A, chat?

Our streaming platform pages are equipped with live chat and Q&A widgets. We can also extend this with Slido as an add-on widget.

Can you have the site available in multiple languages?

We can translate your site into multiple languages so that your international delegates can interact with the site in their native tongue.

Can you run multiple sessions at the same time?

The Ineventors platform can support multiple concurrent sessions.

Do you have same day tech support available?

We do offer live tech support the day (or days) of your event. This can be done by live text chat or video chat.

Do you provide production services?

While Ineventors is an events streaming platform, we do have a preferred working relationship with Quest Audio Visual who have a virtual studio in-house as well as global production partners.

Can we broadcast on social media/our website?

We can simulcast your event across all your social media channels be it Facebook Live, Instagram Live, YouTube Live, LinkedIn Live, etc. We can also embed the streaming link to your company website.

What kind of internet speed is required on the user end?

The minimum requirements for internet speed is 6mbps however optimal speed is 12mbps. Other devices on the viewers network can greatly affect the quality of the stream.

Can you export delegate data as CSV?

You are indeed able to export your delegate analytics data by CSV for an easy “plug and play” solution for your CRM and lead capture.

Can we upload pre-recorded videos?

We can take your pre-recorded content and send it out so that it appears as a live stream through the sessions page.

Can you host VOD post-event?

We can work with you to create a custom VOD site, even building a subscription service for you to sell your content post-event or disseminate it for free.

Is the platform also available on mobile?

To get the best out of the Ineventors platform, it should be used on desktop. That being said, the platform is also mobile-friendly.

How long does it take to develop an event site?

Site development is fairly involved, if you are going with the full enterprise version, the earlier that we can get the ball rolling, the better. If you are in a pinch, we do also offer turnkey solutions that can be put together within 72 hours of receiving all content and information

Do delegates have to download anything to use the platform?

As our platform is completely web browser-based, no one needs to download anything to join your event. They simply follow the link created for your event and participate through the web browser of their choice.

Is your portal capable of allowing different levels of content to different viewers based on registration packages?

We can allow different tiers of access based on different registration levels. This could also be implemented with respect to access to video on demand access post-event.

What are your recommendations regarding the amount of pre-recorded vs. live content?

This would be entirely up to you and will be tailored to what works best with the type of event you are trying to execute. One thing to note is that we can package your pre-recorded content as a live event; IE there would be no noticeable difference in the stream other than the ability to do a live Q&A with the presenter. The chat and polling functionality can be deployed by a moderator during the streaming of pre-recorded content.

What industry or type of events is your product best suited for, and which ones are not a good fit?

The Ineventors platform can be tailored to fit any type of industry or event. From something as simple as a single-speaker webinar to a large-scale industry conference, Ineventors will work with you to build the solution that best fits your needs.

What are the branding and sponsor options? 

The sponsorship and branding opportunities are endless on the platform. From sponsor/exhibitor pages, to banners on session pages to even sponsoring of virtual lounge tables and sponsored pre-roll content before a session begins. We can integrate sponsorship opportunities in all elements of your event website.

Does pricing change based on the number of attendees?

The Ineventors platform pricing structure is billed in blocks of one thousand delegates.