How to Incentivize Virtual Attendees at Your Next Hybrid Event

The beginning of 2021 saw the emergence of hybrid models as an innovative way to rescue the event industry from the perils of the pandemic. But as the world resumes in-person activity, how can you continue attracting virtual guests to your hybrid events?

In a 2021 study conducted by Metrigy Research, “almost 50% of corporate event attendees consider hybrid events the ideal format for the future, compared to exclusively in-person or virtual-only events.”.

As the industry evolves in 2022 and beyond, successful hybrid events may require incentivizing virtual attendees to encourage dynamic attendance. Below are some tips on rewarding virtual guests during your hybrid event.

Value-added downloadable content.

Providing your virtual guests with additional materials to download can serve as an incentive to supplement the attendee experience. Your virtual guests will appreciate the opportunity to obtain valuable information even after your hybrid event has ended.

As a professional planner, this incentive will also work in your favor. In offering the ability to download materials, you can also track vital data for future productions.

Provide a gift to registrants.

Reward your virtual attendees by offering a reward for registering for your hybrid event. Gift cards make a great, incentivized option because they are easy to obtain and convenient to use.

While hybrid events allow for a diverse audience, recognizing your virtual attendees will have a slightly different experience than in-person guests is important when developing your marketing strategy. You can offer a gift at the time of registration or even to virtual attendees who stay for the entire duration of your hybrid event.

Offer a behind-the-scenes experience.

While your hybrid event will provide virtual and in-person attendees with different forms of engagement, you can offer your virtual attendees a special treat of exclusive material. In utilizing the Ineventors virtual vendor platform, you can design customized rooms or unique presentations that are included within the admission of your virtual attendees.

Your virtual attendees will feel appreciated and considered within your production planning by providing a type of backstage access.

Create opportunities for socializing

One strong argument in the comparison between virtual and onsite events is the social aspect of networking. But with the right virtual event platform, you can create a dynamic hybrid event that provides an immersive experience, centering on virtual guests.

For example, you can design a festive virtual cocktail party or conduct networking events where your virtual attendees can engage with one another, even in the absence of in-person contact.

From networking and content discovery to making connections with sponsors and brands to find solutions for pain points, virtual attendees should be able to have the same interactive experience as in-person attendees.

Incorporate elements of F&B 

In general, attendees love catered events with the chance to sample hand-crafted drinks or appetizers provided by your vendors. While food and beverage are typically considered an onsite event feature, you can motivate virtual guests with delicious offerings in the form of food-related gift cards or shipped meal kits.

Offering tasty treats to your virtual attendees during your hybrid event is also a great way to incorporate sponsorships, which will strengthen your networks. Food and cocktail kits will also increase engagement, evoking all of the senses for your virtual attendees.

Incentivize your virtual guests with Ineventors

If you want to attract virtual attendees to your hybrid event, incentivizing your virtual guests with special touches is a great way to show acknowledgment and appreciation. Whether your guests are online or onsite, Ineventors understands the importance of engagement, and we are ready to assist with all of your production requirements.

Delivering an incredible hybrid experience begins with the right virtual event platform. Contact us today to inquire about our customizable features and services that will elevate your next event.

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