Hot for Hybrid; the Hidden Gems of a Virtual Blend

Hybrid events are having a moment right now, but this buzz phrase is not a trend, nor is it is a new design. Thanks to the pandemic, this dynamic model has exploded in popularity, seducing planning professionals into 2022 and beyond.

However, as hot as the event industry is for hybrid models, little is shared about the hidden gems behind the virtual venues that harmonize with this strategy. Beyond the basics that support conferences and seminars, virtual platforms offer state-of-the-art tools to inspire creativity and innovation.

Attendee Profiles

A hybrid event is nothing without a robust group of guests, and particularly within a virtual sphere, your guests want to feel noticed and connected to others in attendance. By utilizing an Attendee Profile feature on a virtual platform, you will be privy to essential customer information and provide the opportunity for guests to personalize their profiles, adding a human aspect to the hybrid experience.

A customized profile will allow attendees to interact with other contacts, offer the ability to form personal networks via chat applications and social groups, and provide visual feedback regarding event content.

Speaker Profiles

Networking Lounges

In choosing a networking lounge as an add-on to your hybrid platform, you will allow your attendees to mingle with one another through a virtual face-to-face platform. Similar to an in-person lobby, guests can exchange personal or business contacts, share feedback and insights and connect via their profiles through 3D automated avatars.

Networking lounges can be customized to suit your event’s branding or to include sponsor and speaker information. This key feature will elevate your hybrid event’s entire look and feel, providing a personalized experience to your attendees and key stakeholders.

Networking Lounge

Live Training

In the case of hybrid events, it’s particularly essential that your event staff fully comprehend the capabilities of your digitized platform.

Our virtual venue offers a centralized, secure portal that provides limited access to employees or students who are curious to learn.

By incorporating a live training aspect, you will be able to have course materials available for download in a single repository, in various file formats, including pdf, PowerPoint slides, and video links. Best of all, you will have the capacity to monitor attendance and track time spent on a page, noting if your attendees downloaded materials.

This feature will provide you with valuable information in assessing the success of your overall hybrid event.

Live Sessions

Archived Content

As a planner, you can create on-demand content post-hybrid event, through an Archived Content feature. For example, our virtual venue platform can archive your event’s presentations and speakers to be used as digital collateral to further promote brands and messaging.

As a planner, you can provide continuous content post-hybrid event through an Archived Content feature. For example, our virtual venue platform can archive your event’s presentations and speakers as digital collateral to further promote brands and messaging.

With our stream embed component, you can add a live stream or a video player to your website using our online video platform.  We will provide you with a personalized URL to ensure that the end-user experience is luxurious and completely immersive, with the additional option to include a paid subscription service for the more on-demand subject matter.

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Go from bland to blended with Ineventors

We know that hybrid events existed before the pandemic. But in response to the industry’s pivot of 2020, the Ineventors’ team has elevated our virtual venue platform to create a sleek and engaging experience with cutting-edge technology.

Entice your attendees with a dynamic and customized experience and discover the versatile aspects of our all-in-one virtual platform. Contact us to learn more about the hidden gems of the hybrid world.

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