3 Simple & Effective Ways To Keep Your Audience Engaged During an Online Event

Grabbing the attention of your audience has never been as simple a task and with the distractions of a home environment, keeping attendees engaged is more challenging than ever. Below are tips on how to navigate the online events space with an efficient strategy while effectively communicating your message. 

Keeping Up Appearances

Consider enhancing your environment in front and behind the camera frame. If budget is limited, create a makeshift studio:

  • Prop up your laptop on a medium height surface 
  • Stand up a few feet away from the shot to portray confidence in your message and differentiate from the standard video call atmosphere 
  • Position the frame against a blank background if you plan to use overlaid content during your stream.  
Smiling man keeping his audience engaged during an online event

Including the Audience

With most content created today being optimized for quick and passive engagement, it’s vital to create a collaborative atmosphere to bring your audience’s attention back to the screen.
  • Grab useful market info by getting opinions on relevant topics and use the results to test your understanding of the topics at hand 
  • Go off slightly off topic with an opinion poll on a pop culture poll – a great way to break the ice.  
  • Utilize a dedicated chat moderator to relay questions directly to the presenter 
  • Check up on attendees before the show to introduce the topics that will be discussed. In addition, consider sending an email after the stream to attendees with a personal message from the speaker thanking them for joining and including a survey to grab insights and areas of your event that could benefit from improvement

Viewing a laptop screen of an online demo event from Ineventors

Using Visuals

Using visuals is a great way to compliment your message and highlight key takeaways you’d like your audience to grab from your stream.
  • Don’t use too much text and keep it mobile friendly. Use a title for the topic and not your full script. Use infographic visuals with bite-sized information as to not distract the viewer.  
  • If you’re using overlayed content, create a space in the shot that is minimal and offers good contrast with the content  


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