Livestream Testing

Recommended Settings, Troubleshooting and Advance Testing

If you can see and hear the above test video, you should be running an optimal connection. For additional support, email us at: or use the technical support chat bubble at the bottom left of the page.

Additional Troubleshooting Information

Optimal viewing setup

  • Wired high speed Internet with at least 5 MB of download speed (10 MB recommended) with no firewall block.
  • Late model computer, tablet or phone.
  • Latest version of Chrome, Edge, Firefox or Safari web browser is recommended.
  • Internet Explorer is not recommended to use Ineventors.

No video or video keeps freezing

  • If you’re connected to a VPN (Virtual Private Network), it may not have sufficient bandwidth to receive live webcasting. Disconnect from the VPN.
  • If you have an anti-virus program, it may be set to block the webcast. Change your permissions to allow in the web address.
  • Shrink the size of your browser so the video is smaller.
  • Stop all other activity on the viewing computer (browsing, email, downloading, etc.)
  • Stop wireless connectivity and use a wired connection.
  • Use a different network or data plan if one is available (the network you’re using may have a deliberate block).
  • A blurry picture means you have very low bandwidth but the audio should continue.

No audio

  • Ensure your device has media audio turned on (some smartphones have a default setting of off).
  • Switch to a different web browser or computer/device.
  • Log off and back on again or refresh your browser.
  • If using Chrome, ensure the audio icon is turned on.
  • Ensure speakers are connected and volume is up.
  • Ensure Live Stream video player has the volume slider turned on.