How Event Professionals Can Maximize ROI with Virtual Vendor Booths 

Event planners understand the importance of maximizing ROI for their sponsors, vendors, and exhibitors, but this past year has presented the industry with unique challenges. Are you wondering how to measure the success of your virtual event but are unsure of the tools available? 

Ineventors is re-inventing the online event space with their virtual vendor booth solution. If you are producing a virtual trade show and want to learn how to increase sales leads and engagement, consider the benefits of this innovative tool that will provide a value-added experience to all aspects of your production. 

Multi-channel Communication 

Networking and exchanging key information about products and services is a massive draw for trade show exhibitors, vendors, and guests. But even in the absence of in-person venues, event coordinators can create omnichannel interactions to unify the sales, marketing, and customer journey. 

With the right products, a virtual showcase can provide a more efficient and cohesive experience. With a virtual vendor booth from Ineventors, exhibitors can offer various channels to communicate with trade show attendees. 

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 Live Chat Functionality 

The challenge of traditional, in-person trade shows is that vendors would sometimes miss a chance to address a customer inquiry, especially if the booth was busy or if the exhibitor was short-staffed. Missing sales opportunities will add up throughout a show, diminishing the vendor’s overall ROI.  

One key advantage to utilizing a virtual vendor booth from Ineventors is the live, in-booth text chat box displaying whenever an attendee is in your booth. The virtual booth also comes with a brand ambassador function, allowing attendees to open an instant video chat session with a vendor staff. 

This exciting live chat option removes the possibility of missing a guest inquiry, providing instant assistance while increasing the chance of a sale. 

Ineventors Live Stream and Chat Screenshot

Sponsor Recognition 

Ineventors appreciates how essential sponsors are to your production and the virtual vendor booth allows for seamless promotion throughout the platform. The platform provides such display choices as branded banners, virtual lobbies, video advertisements, networking tables, and exclusive VIP areas.   

You can customize visibility via your sponsorship levels and provide unlimited options of sponsor recognition. 

Elevate the Guest Experience 

Ineventors has designed their virtual vendor with attendee engagement in mind. Features include live sessions with interchangeable and interactive applications, a networking lounge with customizable avatars, and the ability to create and join various social groups that will foster professional relationships and conversations.  

Providing an excellent virtual guest experience will not only leave a positive and memorable impression, encouraging future attendance, but it will also increase the ROI for your vendors and exhibitors. Create an environment of curiosity and connection that will create enthusiasm towards products, services, and education. 

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Improve ROI with Analytics 

Collecting measurable and quantifiable data is not only crucial in determining whether or not your production met its goals. Access to event analytics will also provide critical insights into your audience engagement and customer behaviors. 

Industry professionals can use the Event Analytics function embedded within the virtual vendor platform to present essential data to key shareholders. The application can also be integrated with Google Analytics and your company’s CRM program, offering a seamless flow of accurate and detailed information. 

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As event planners begin to prepare for Q2, pivoting towards virtual and hybrid models, the pressure to maximize performance will be high. Fortunately, there have been exciting developments within technical innovation that can provide you with the tools you need to succeed.  

Impress your sponsors, vendors, and event attendees with virtual vendor booth solutions from Ineventors. With optimized features and integrated applications, their all-in-one virtual vendor platform will maximize ROI for stakeholders and exhibitors alike. 

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