The Future of Face-to-Face: Virtual Presence Post-Pandemic

When the COVID pandemic struck the events world, technical innovation allowed professionals to pivot toward virtual forms of events such as webinars and live streams. While online platforms and applications offered a viable answer to a global issue, virtual events provide more than just a temporary solution; their benefits have earned them a permanent spot within the rapidly transforming industry.

As vaccines are being distributed, restrictions are lifting, and in-person events are starting to receive a face-to-face makeover. But as humans congregate inside venues, virtual interpretations will remain an essential element of hybrid event designs.

Virtual platforms increase event sustainability.

Eco-friendly events are not a new concept; industry professionals have discussed environmental consciousness for close to a decade. In particular, 2020 has greatly heightened our awareness concerning event greening.

According to the 2020 Event Trends report from Eventbrite, “6% of respondents felt environmental responsibility significantly impacted their events in 2019, compared to 59% in 2020.” And in addition to newer practices such as using e-tickets instead of paper forms, the shift towards virtual platforms has demonstrated a significant environmental impact.

A case study that examined various event models, collecting data from 2019 and 2020, noted that remote broadcasting could reduce carbon emissions as much as 98%.  As event sustainability remains an essential focus, the transition to virtual and hybrid events will continue to reduce our carbon footprint.

Decrease expenses while amplifying reach and engagement.

Visiting an exciting destination to attend a convention or event sounds exciting from a travel perspective: in theory, most people would love the chance to escape their familiar surroundings in exchange for newer scenery.  And before the expansion of virtual events, out-of-town conferences usually offered the exciting opportunity to learn new skills and network within your industry.

As fun as it is to explore new cities and venues, the truth is that business travel is not only expensive, it’s also costly in terms of output. And within our high-paced, rapidly evolving industries, money spent on flights, accommodations, and registration could translate into a loss of profit and productivity.

The benefit to virtual tradeshows and conventions is it is less expensive for guests or employees to attend, removing travel expenses altogether.  And in the absence of travel time, including factors like jet lag, your team can join and participate in virtual content without disruptions to their personal or work schedules.

Virtual events address the comforts of the ‘new normal.’

With most of the population transitioning to working remotely, there has been a new appreciation regarding the comforts afforded within the virtual sphere. And while there is no replacement for an in-person hug or social visit, many of us now appreciate the flexibility of remote learning and how easy it is to integrate into our busy lives.

When presented with the option of attending a conference or meeting either in-person or virtually, many professionals may choose the latter. This decision is due mainly to convenience, but virtual events also provide an alternative for those who may prefer to exercise extra caution when it comes to their physical health.

Learn more about virtual venues and platforms today!

Thanks to technical innovation, the digital age moving through 2021 and beyond will bring professional planners and attendees a world of options. Ineventors is a shining example of a business leading the way with its comprehensive and revolutionary platform that creates engaging experiences for virtual and hybrid events.

Even as the future shifts towards more face-to-face time, virtual components will remain as relevant as ever. As an industry producer, you can incorporate the Ineventors platform into your event designs to embrace the connectivity of the virtual world.

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