Virtual Event Marketing; From Creating Hype to After Care

Any industry professional understands the importance of implementing effective marketing strategies to promote their upcoming event, particularly in our digital age’s vast, fast-paced, seemingly infinite environment. However, it’s also essential to weave your virtual event marketing tactics throughout the stages of your production.

Below, we break down the various marketing tactics from beginning to end, addressing the primary purpose and valuable tools within each category. Whether you are creating initial hype or recapping your messaging during a post-show review, you can implement virtual event marketing within every step.

Pre-Event Marketing

Building promotions and creating hype for your upcoming production is the most important stage in your virtual event marketing. Generate anticipation towards your promotions with three tactics:

  • Email campaigns
  • Organizing your social media channels
  • Incorporating custom URL’s

Email campaigns for virtual events are an effective way to catch the attention of your core audience, encouraging ticket sales and automatic event sign-ups. It’s best to keep your content concise and personalized with eye-catching subject lines to increase the open rate of your campaign.

When it comes to utilizing your promotional channels, it’s essential to be intentional with your social media marketing strategy. Aside from the basic details and scheduled features, your social media posts should include messaging that illustrates the value of attending your event.

You can also incorporate influencers, cross-promote via brand collaboration and develop ‘teasers’ that will entice your demographic. Keep your content fresh, relevant, and engaging to maintain the attention of potential guests.

Custom URLs create unity within your virtual event promotions and connect all channels through brand consistency and awareness, giving a unique feel to your production.

Going Live

Congratulations! You have created effective promotions to secure an excellent crowd for your production, but your virtual event marketing doesn’t stop here. Once you go live, there are plenty of marketing opportunities, such as offering goodie bags, leveraging social media, and providing custom event kits for your guests.

Goodie bags are a practical marketing strategy attendees love to receive; they offer additional product placement and provide your guests with branded mementos, keeping your event on their minds for months and even years to come. With goodie bags for virtual events, “you can add custom registration fields to collect mailing addresses to send the event bags in advance.”

Custom event kits are another tangible product that you can incorporate into your virtual event marketing during a live broadcast. Event kits allow your participants to follow along with a virtual presenter, using materials or products to increase overall guest engagement.

Encouraging your attendees to collaborate on your social media marketing is an excellent way to increase the reach of your event messaging. During your live virtual event, guests can cross-promote using their own social media via branded hashtags or by implementing a designated posting schedule.

You can also utilize your event staff by delegating social media posting during specific aspects of your event.

After Care

A post-event review is a final stage where you can assess the overall success of your event and review essential data. However, it also serves as another opportunity to provide continued marketing of your virtual event.

Guest surveys that offer questions correlating directly to your event goals will provide valuable marketing insights. “Any question you consider for post-event research should directly tie back to the objectives of the research initiative.”

One of the brilliant features of the Ineventor virtual venue platform is its ability to archive post-event content, where you can decide how long you would like to make the material available to past attendees. Any presentations, demos, or sessions will continue to passively market any brand messaging or valuable information to your guests through extended viewing.

By creating downloadable content, you can preserve valuable information, making it accessible to guests post-event. You can also leverage demand by limiting the time which the content is available for download while at the same time furthering your marketing efforts.

 Comprehensive Virtual Marketing with Ineventors

At Ineventors, we provide you with the tools to successfully market and produce virtual or hybrid events. Our customizable features will assist in the promotion of your production through all three stages, from creating hype to after-care.

Contact us today and discover a virtual venue that provides inclusive services and hosting capabilities, including expert advice and assistance with your virtual event marketing.

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