Ineventors works with you to make your

Virtual, In-Person or Hybrid Event a success

With extensive support from our team, elevate your virtual event, in-person event or hybrid event with a dynamic virtual experience. You have total freedom to explore all possibilities of our hybrid and virtual events software and have a custom toolkit to fulfill your business needs and vision. What sets Ineventors apart from the crowd is our high-level of customer service, ensuring that you always have a partner in the planning process. Our team will be with you every step of the way, from site development to event-day technical support for you and your attendees.

What is a Hybrid Events Platform?

A hybrid events platform is the bridge between in-person and virtual events. While most of us are chomping at the bit to meet face-to-face again, the solution is not a straight shot back into the “Normal Times” quite yet. Your hybrid events platform should house any content produced during your live, in-person event and make it accessible to attendees wherever they would like to access it from. 

Events planners can also utilize a hybrid seminar model; instead of having another Zoom/WebX/MS Teams meeting, why not enrich the attendee experience with a more polished and professional virtual setting for your meetings.

Choose Inventors as your Hybrid Events Platform

While the events ecosystem was forced to pivot due to necessity, Ineventors continues to strive to create a seamless virtual event space as restrictions are lifted. The return of in-person events allows us to grow synergistically as a hybrid conference specialist. As most of your content is going to be recorded, increase accessibility by introducing on-demand content in a custom-curated and secure space.

Your stakeholders would love to have connectivity with attendees around the clock, not just during convention center hours further driving their ROI. Ineventors can make this a reality. With no third-party application to download, we make the experience as intuitive and immersive as possible. Your attendees at the in-person event in New York can participate in the chat and virtual networking lounge with other delegates anywhere around the world no matter space and time! 

The Ineventors Platform is perfectly suited to bring the advantages of virtual events while complimenting the energy of an in-person event with:

Hybrid Event Sponsorship Recognition

Sponsors can obtain various levels of visibility through branded banners, virtual lobbies, sponsored sessions, branded networking tables, sponsored VIP areas, gamification prizes and more – the options are limitless!

Hybrid Event Secure Registration

Direct attendees to pre-register with their email for event updates & secure login. In addition, our platform offers, customizable registration, reminder emails, tiered registration, and integrated payments.

Hybrid Event Networking & Social Media

Attendees can discuss their thoughts on session content via the chat function, pose their questions to the presenter(s) using the Q&A tab, or join a group discussion at a networking table.

Interactive Virtual Exhibitor Booths

If offering a virtual exhibit hall, exhibitors can each showcase their services via a designated virtual exhibit booth, including a video chat option with live brand ambassadors.

Benefits of Hosting a Hybrid Event

Adopting a hybrid model can elevate your in-person and virtual events in many ways:

  • Increased attendance as you are no longer bound to the capacity of your in-person venue.
  • Leveraging the virtual streaming and on-demand content modules to allow attendees to immerse themselves in the event who may have had to decline due to time and/or budgetary constraints.
  • Increased ROI for stakeholders in that they receive qualified leads who have passed through their virtual tradeshow booths with real-time notifications, multiple avenues for communication and detailed analytics reports. IE no more lost leads!
  • Minimal cost overlay to ensure that the event lives on in posterity
  • Bonus attendee engagement tools like gamification, easter egg hunts that encourage the guests to explore not only the physical but also the virtual space making connections on both sides of the coin.
  • If someone wants to sit on their couch and attend, they can! We have to be respectful of folks who A) Only went to events because they absolutely had to and B) May be reticent about getting back into the in-person event space. The hybrid events model caters to all!

What Clients Are Saying About Us

“We could never have done what you all did for us! Thank you for making NIED look and be so professional and the feedback has been awesome!” 

– Wendy Preskow, Founder/President, National Initiative for Eating Disorders

“The timelines were tight to get everything ready for show day, but with their patience and guidance it made for an enjoyable experience for everyone involved. Like us, our members loved our very first Virtual Summit and we have Ineventors’ experience to thank for its success.” 

– Sharon Headley, CMP, Manager of Events Planning, Ontario Road Builders’ Association

Need some extra help? Reach out to Ineventors at any time! We’d be happy to share our knowledge and give you a free demo of our platform!